Saturday, May 25, 2013

Looove Dressforms and Mannequins


What is it with me and dressforms? I just can't pass one up! Remember My paper decoupaged mannequin? 
A few weeks ago, I bid on this bust online, but lost out to another buyer. The seller was sweet enough to offer me an identical one for the same price as my final bid. Maybe she could sense my mannequin fetish!:)
I went to 'shop' my junk pile for a stand and base. I found a wooden hat stand, but didn't like the square shaped pole. Then I picked an old, metal plant stand with scrolly base...whoop, whoop. Thank heavens for buying 'junk' even though THEN you had no idea why you bought it! 
I asked my neighbour to cut the pole to size. He then also inserted the pole into the cavity underneath the bust and used body filler to fix the bust to the pole. Body filler is used to repair dents in your car. My neighbour is an auto body repairman....lucky me!
I refreshed the stand with spray primer and a coat of cream spray paint!
Now...what to do with the big gash at the top of her neck?
BINGO!!! A BALL jar lid of course! I spray painted it the same color as the stand, drilled a hole in the middle and screwed the dowel of a finial into the hole. I spray painted the finial as well. I set the lid and the finial aside to glue on later, then I started to decoupage the mannequin.
I used calico fabric and ripped it into pieces...Oh, how therapeutic to rip through fabric!!!!
I tea stained each fabric scrap and hung it out to dry...lots of them!
This is the back of the mannequin to see the effect of the fabric scraps!
I used this stuff to fix the fabric to the body:
Cold Glue
Its a wood glue, but it works brilliantly and you save on podge. After the body was covered with the fabric, I applied several layers of podge. I sanded with 1000 water paper inbetween layers to get a smooth finish.
Then I just played with lace and other fabric scraps. Did you notice my French image? The image is from The Graphics Fairy and printed on fabric.
I also printed the year 1902 on fabric and attached it, and a scrap of hand stamped ribbon..I love the message!
I love this flower and diamond shaped lace!

I dyed the silk flower with acrylic paint mixed with water!
The backdrop of the pics is as a result of my half-finished kitchen extension. We removed an awkward window to make place for the roof of the extension which is on the other side of this wall.
Yawn!!! Its past 12 0' clock!
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Burlap and Lace Wreath

Hello there! I am keeping this post short and sweet!
I cannot tell how EASY it was to make this wreath. I wanted it to be soft, dreamy and romantic looking. I made the ring out of vine secured with florist wire. I wrapped the ring with white muslin and lace trim. The handmade flowers were made with lace, burlap and fabric scraps. I also added buttons, a fabric tag, a dry hydrangea bunch and a French stamped ribbon!
Image for fabric tag: Created with an image from The Graphics Fairy and created by Viola from Shabby Chic Inspired using her own images. Thank you smart ladies!
That's it from me!
Hope your week is filled with sweet dreams, romance and fine things!
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Upcycled Cake Stand - Tattered Serviette Decoupage

Since posting about my Hutch re-do, I've been working on smaller projects that I can finish in a day or two.
Since my sweet husband was diagnosed with cancer last year, his health has sadly been deteriorating. The chemo therapy was not as successful as we all hoped and he needs round the clock care now. 
How do I cope??
By the grace of God, friends, family, the staff of GVI Oncology, the caring staff of St Lukes Hospice and St Johns home-based care to name but a few!
I can't thank these wonderful people enough and God for giving me the strength I need!
One thing I did manage to get done was this:
On my daily stroll down to the main road to catch the bus to work, I picked up a discarded pepper mill. It can no longer grind your pepper corns, but I remembered the wooden plate from my stash of junk and had the idea of marrying the 2 to make a cake stand.
Here we go, cleaned up and sandwiched together with Gorilla wood glue. I slapped on some Cece vintage white and pulled out some serviette napkins with a pink rose design. I used napkin podge and 'glued' the napkin to the plate. Before it was dry, I attacked it with a wet rag to get the tattered, distressed look. I wanted it to look like the rose decal and the paint had become worn over time!
Then I added some more fragments of the serviette here and there, gave it another coat of napkin podge and left it to dry overnight. This morning I gave it some waxing and buffing, stood back and sighed! YES...I love the look!
Have a beautiful week and thanks for stopping by!
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