Saturday, May 26, 2012

Man in the moon clock case make over

My copy cat!

I found this clock case on online auction being sold as parts. I knew the interior was in pieces and had ideas to repurpose it as storage for keys, jewelry or candles!


I went over to The Graphics Fairy looking for images to go with what I had in mind. I came across a brag Monday feature where Karen bragged about Linda's moon face clock. Linda has a beautiful blog called Itsy Bits and Pieces. I posted a comment on Linda's blog and I gained a new bloggie friend:o)

I removed the domed glass front, scraped off the V pattern on the square glass front and painted my clock case black. I also freshened up the interior with a lick of black paint.

I followed Linda's tute to get the moon face into the round opening. I then had to find a graphic for the square section and The Graphics Fairy came to the rescue once again. I thought that the owl on a branch was a fitting partner for Mr Personality. I followed the same process to attach it to the square glass front.

Lovely on a mantel!

You've got to love this guy!

Lovely against a rich background!

A neutral backdrop!

Simply adorable, whimsical and fun!!!!

Thank you Karen at The Graphics Fairy !

Thank you Linda at Itsy Bits and Pieces !

I am linking up with The Graphics Fairy Brag Monday ! create a -new!


  1. Thanks Debbi. I love to hear from you. I need to go over to your blog and see what you've been up to:)

  2. Oh, that moon face looks wonderful against the dark finish. How lovely!


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