Saturday, June 9, 2012

Frenchy chair

Berry blush and antique gold!

Chelsea Village Framers & Curiosity Shoppe opened their doors on 1 June and Zeki the store owner asked me to re-do a chair that was previously painted with an acrylic enamel paint. The chair had no seat and he did'nt want it upholstered. So I asked hubby to cut a seat from wood!

Instead of spending hours trying to remove the enamel paint, I used some home made chalk paint in Berry Blush. When the chair was painted, I decided to give it a lux feel and used an antique gold paste, Goldfinger, to highlight parts of the chair. Distressing would have shown up the white paint underneath and i did not feel

Then what to do with the seat?!

The Graphics Fairy came to the rescue with this French Crown Image. Using the graphite method again, I transfered the image and used a gold paint pen to outline and fill in. I also rubbed some goldfinger in the open spaces of the crown!

To finish her off I gave her a coat of my spray on artist varnish!

She looks quite at home now amongst her cousins!

I am linking up to the graphics fairy's brag Monday! create a -new! 


  1. A lovely chair. It does look like a berry smoothie; a lovely deep, creamy colour and the crown is just perfect!

  2. What a great color -- what do you use for your homemade chalk paint? I use unsanded grout and have been quite pleased with the results. Love the crown detail!

  3. A brave choice, but it turned out so well. It looks so cute nestled between the cousins. As always, great job!

  4. What a cute choice, both in paint color and in the graphic. I think it's a winner!

  5. That is a super cute project! Pink paint and crowns???? You've made a throne fit for a queen : )

  6. What a cute for a Queen is right!!!


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