Wednesday, March 21, 2012

French Provincial End Table Make Over

I forgot to take a before picture again, always diving stright into the make over This was another treasure picked up in Hermanus. It had an outdated shiny, dark brown colour. Actually this table was sold twice. Only when I got home, I noticed the sold sticker...ouch!!!

I used the same transfer method as my Chalk paint Paris end table.

I gave this gal a few coats of my home made chalk paint (no primer needed despite the shiny surface Woo...Hoo). I used a colour called French Chatreusse which is a beautiful matt old white colour. Then I began the antique shabby finish by sanding along all the edges to give her that time worn look!! I am using a sponge sanding block which gives a brilliant natural finish!!

Then it was ready for my amazing French Ville De Saint Denis graphic which I found at
 The Graphics Fairy. You can search for any graphic your little heart desires and you will be spoilt for choice. That's how I found the gorgeous rooster for my Milking Stool.

I also used some mahogany wood stain and to my suprise the transfer took on a sepia appearance...I danced my Happy dance!!!

Finally I gave this gal a coat of clear varnish to protect her new look.

Now she says I am French and proud of it!!!! create a -new!


  1. That is fabulous, Sumaya! I love it!!! I've got quite a few antique advertisements you might like. Check the top of my page under "antique graphics to print" - many of them come from the 1800's Peterson's magazines you liked. I post new ones every Wednesday. Today's images are compass ones from an antique geography book. Be sure to share this at Knick of Time Tuesday as well as the Paris one!

    (by the way, you may want to turn off the word verification for comments - most people don't like to mess with doing that in order to leave a comment).


  2. Hi Sumaya. Just ran in to see those tables you were telling me that you were doing. They all turned out great. I've never done anything with the graphics on them.........gotta try that. Gotta ask a question. I've tried the homemade chalk paint and Im wondering.........does it normally have a sandy texture or did I get a bad batch of plaster of Paris, maybe?? I like the way it grabs to the wood, but it is sooo very rough. Of course I give it a light sanding, but didn't know if this is how it is supposed to be. Thanks for any info.
    Candy @

  3. Thanks Sumaya for following me back.
    If you want to join Debbie's party she usually opens it on Sundays - just use the button on my sidebar to get you there. She's always encouraging and you usually pick up more newbie followers.
    Leave her a message as well, to say that you are very new and good luck.
    btw this little table is great too !!

  4. Hi Sumaya, The table turned out wonderful! I have been browsing your archives and you do a great job transforming these pieces. I am now following. xo, Sherry


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