Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shabby chic distressed kiddie's stepping stool makeover

What an adorable little stepping stool. Just imagine the joy it gave some little tot. When I found it, it was covered in layers of orangy-brown stain. Can you spot it in this pic?

I wanted to give it a fresher look, so I sanded it back and applied some primer. Then I gave it a few layers of my moody blue colour. I then used an amazing graphic of a French furniture company ad  which I found at the The Graphics Fairy. I used the modge podge method to transfer the image to the little stool. I find that I get better results when I let it sit overnight. So come morning I could'nt wait to see the result, so I got to work removing the paper. This takes time & patience folks!

When I was happy that all of the paper had come off, the little stool was ready for its shabby chic distressed look. I hand sanded all the edges and areas on the top. Finally I gave it a clear coat to protect its new look! Wow look at me now! I am saweet and I know it:)

And here is my little Einstein!!!!!

Ghanaan create a -new!


  1. The stool is so pretty! I love it!

    1. Hi Josie,

      I was so happy when I received your comment. I smile everytime I look at the stool. I am glad you love it too:)

      Thanks a mil!

    2. Hello,

      The transfer on the stool, the color, the "wear" on it, it just came together perfectly. I have to admit, that I do not know how to do transfers on to furniture :( so I admire those that do :)

  2. If you ever think of selling it .. lol.. let me know! love your stuff!


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