Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Duck egg blue tray with decoupaged antique clock graphics

Embracing friendship even though oceans lay between us!

This post is dedicated to my Muse, Angie Chevaz of knickoftimeinteriors and her love of old clocks. She is truely a goddess of inspiration. A wonderful person with a giving heart!

This was a fleamarket find! I love the cut outs and the shape but not the brown colour, the green felt and the shiny , brassy coloured handles. Hubby removed the felt with a chisel.

I mixed 2 shades of aqua colour to get this duck egg blue shade. I added some calsium carbonate powder for a chalky finish. I gave the tray a few layers of colour, then hand sanded along the edges and around the cut outs.

Next, I cut out the shapes of the openings from the same dictionary pages I used for my Junkman table and glued the shapes into the openings using my Amos glue (similar to Elma's).

Then I added a few layers of podge. I then went over to  knickoftimeinteriors and downloaded the antique clock graphics.

I was doing my happy dance when I found a square shaped clock graphic as well as the round ones!

I cut out the graphics and laid them over the dictionary cut outs using podge.

I cut narrow strips of the dictionary page and podged each strip over the handles making sure I was getting it securely fixed to the underside of each handle.

For depth, I rubbed in my Dala Antique Rub in umber and then hand sanded all over with 400 grit water paper for some variation and texture. Finally I sealed  it with a clear coat to protect its new look! I love it....I might add some glass inserts!!!

I am linking up to the 31st Knick of Time Tuesday Link Party.

e-voke...to create a -new!


  1. Cute, cute! Love the blue color. Yes, Angie is a lover of clocks. This will surely make her smile.

  2. Visiting you from Angie over at Knick of Time! Following you and signed up for your email updates too -- your blog and your story are beautiful! I can't wait to stop back this evening and spend more time browsing!

  3. Sumaya...so good to find you again. I just read Angie's post about you and laughed to see that it was you. You and I have corresponded through my Etsy shop several times. I see that you are still repurposing...congrats...love what you are doing. It was wonderful to read about your life growing up...thanks for sharing.

  4. just dropped by from knickoftime. I love that color! very nice.


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