Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage Wood Shutters - Rustic, Cottage Chic

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I bought this adorable pair of vintage wood shutters from Angie at  Knick of Time on Etsy.

As Angie would say 'Do something stunning with it'

I mixed 2 different paint colours Sterling and Silver Expressions from Plascon. I added some calsium carbonate in the mix for a chalky effect. Calsium carbonate is much easier to work with than plaster of paris - it leaves no grainy residue like the latter!!!

I almost dry brushed the paint on; I wanted to take most of the paint off to show the Yummy chocolate brown shade of the wood underneath...who does not love chocolate!!!

After the paint had dried, I started the shabby chic, cottage look by sanding away the paint in places. I attached the pretty bow appliques with Amos craft glue. Once the glue had set, I painted the bows in the same colour.

I highlighted the wood parts and the bows by rubbing on some Dala antique rub in Umber. Then I rubbed some beeswax all over and buffed it with a mutton cloth for a soft sheen!

I am linking up to the Vintage Style Link Party at Knick of Time!!!

This is the view when the shutters are closed! create a -new!


  1. I love how they turned, out Sumaya!! Are you going to do the other set to match or do them a different color for a different room?


  2. you made it look stunning Sumaya!

    - Herman Swan

  3. Love what you did with the shutters, adorable table scape.

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