Sunday, April 1, 2012

Antique Crackle Effect Coffee Table Make Over

I'm all cracked up!

The coffee table that gave me some heart stopping moments, but I am here to tell the tale ((*_*))

I found this table on Gumtree (similar to Craig's List). The first time it was listed the seller and I kept missing each other. A couple of weeks later I happened to be browsing Gumtree and here the table pops up again. This time I made sure to snap it up ...Twas meant to be!!!

Although it had minor damage, I loved the shape, the detail and the legs. I knew I was gonna lose the pretty rose inlay, but I thought I could re-create it with a transfer image or decoupage!

Well, thats where the 'FUN' started!

I gave her a colour called Elephant Hide mixed with plaster of paris!
When the paint had dried, I distressed all along the raised design, the edge of the table and the legs.

Then I printed a rose graphic and decoupaged it onto the was completely off center and looked lost, so I ripped it off...ha...ha..ha...cleaned up the mess and repainted!!!

Then I found another grapic on The Graphics Fairy and decided to follow her tute on how to print large images. This went well after a couple of attempts and I started the transfer method with podge. Guess what? The transfer did not take well, so I cleaned up the mess and repainted!!!.

Then I decided to put an image on each corner, so off to The Graphics Fairy I went. I found an image of a sprig of wheat and I loved its simple organic look!!!

The transfer was a success....Yay!!!

Then I decided the antique crackle effect would look great and used crackling medium I had in my stash. Guess what? FLOP!!! Zero, Zilch cracks....all I got was a gooyi mess so I cleaned up the mess and repainted!!!., and that's when I covered up the table in disgust!

But I wanted CRACKS!!!!

So I bought the Dala crackle glaze and crackle base and tried again. This time I got my cracks...Yay!!!

I then rubbed some burnt umber oil paint into the cracks to enhance them followed by a clear varnish the day after!!!

Whew!!! What a journey!!!

All's well that ends well!!! create a -new!


  1. Sounds like this was a bit of hard work. Well worth it in the end. I too love the shape, design, and detail of the table. Great job!

  2. LOL! Oh my word...I was getting frustrated for you...hahaha. This is fantastic and a great lesson on persaverance, for sure! LOVE your table with the cracks.

  3. Wow, what a workout. I have had similiar experiences, so funny. I am glad it worked out so well in the end, you deserved it for your persistance!!


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