Thursday, December 27, 2012

Vintage vignettes

Getting my groove back....slowly

First up, I want to thank my bloggie friends for the prayers and well wishes sent our way. We send deep gratitude and blessings back to you!

Now that life is somewhat returning to normal, I wanted to lift my spirits by surrounding myself with some of the things I love. I was also inspired when our nest finally got a fresh coat of paint.We used a calming neutral shade as a backdrop for all the wonderful re-do's yet to come....notice the bare walls anyone? For now....

I want to share with you some vignettes I created and I hope you enjoy!

Entrance hall

This vignette is atop an old treadle sewing machine, just inside the front door. These are mostly pieces I had packed away in boxes. The advertising cards are bought recently at Woodstock Vintage, a true treasure trove of vintage pieces. The number 5 gas station number is an Etsy find.
Dining room
My trusted old typewriter and kitchen scale paired with some upcycled spindles, vintage baby shoes and a pic of my granddaughter. This cabinet is getting a make over....I will share the before and after with you soon!
Vintage suitcase
Storage for extra scatter cushions in my bedroom. The suitcase is standing atop a little stool and it kinda looks like a repurposed suitcase table. The suitcase and shams are Etsy finds!

Vintage step ladder
This vintage step ladder is from a local online auction. I use it to display my shoe form collection and some old books I picked up on the fleamarket. Maybe this ladder will get a paint job too!
These numbers will be framed for wall art. At the moment they are propped atop an old screen that I intend to paint and add some graphics. The numbers are painted on a wooden board and there is a hole in the middle of each board. Maybe someone can tell me what these numbers were used for? These were the last of the lot at Woodstock Vintage and that's why I came away with numbers 4,5 and 7....absolutely no significance, but I just love numbers!
Storage jars
You did'nt see the horrible tiles in the background! My kitchen/laundry is badly in need of a re-do!
I decanted some detergents into 2 glass jars (much prettier than the store packaging) and gave them each an enamel number 'neck tie'. The jar to the left is filled with vintage pegs. The jars are local finds and the enamel numbers and pegs are Etsy finds. You guess right I love Etsy!
Hope you enjoyed this little read and I wish you peace, love and joy for the new year! create a -new!


  1. Love all your vignettes, Sumaya and see glad to see you posting again! I hope your husband is doing well and you had a good Christmas!


    1. Hi Angie,

      Thanks for your sweet comment. Hubby is recovering after his last treatment and is due for the next one early in the new year. He is eating me out of house and The medication is giving him a huge appetite! By the way, did you notice the Knick of time candle sticks? Yes, another Etsy find:)


  2. Beautiful vignettes! Glad to hear your husband is feeling better!

  3. Great job on your vintage vignettes! I love ladders and old typewriters so I think those two are my favorites. Although, I have a fetish for numbers. I am repainting a cute cabinet I have with lots of little drawers. I want to add numbers. Guess I'll be checking out etsy. Can you believe I have never purchased anything from there before?

  4. As usual your arrangements are true "eye candy" -- you have such a flair for gathering things and arranging them to create a beautiful setting. I'm so glad your husband is doing better -- a big appetite is definitely a happy sign!


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