Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blender pen transfer method

I knew that I had some much needed 'me' time coming up with the hubz spending 2 days in hospital for treatment and little Miss Muffet (my granddaughter, Ghanaan) due to go with my sister for a holiday at the coast. So I hauled out an old wooden chair from the garage and started prepping it for a re-do.
Here is little Miss Muffet helping to get the first coat of paint on the chair! Luckily my sister picked her up shortly after, so she did'nt get a chance to do too much damage get too creative!

So when the house was quiet on Tuesday evening, I really pushed to finish this project. I used normal latex paint, but did not fancy the glossy finish. I whipped out my milk paint that I bought from The original milkpaint co. I used the colour Lichi to tone down the bright yellow and to get the chalky effect. I am too cheap skate to use only the milk paint. I am saving it for bigger projects like my hutch dumped sitting in a corner of my living room badly in need of a face lift!

Next I distressed the heck out of this little chair, all along the edges to give it that worn appearance!
 Then I typed an inspirational quote in Microsoft Word. I found the font over at The Graphics Fairy. All I had to do was click on one of the links to be taken to a download site where I found the Lavanderia font. I then pulled the quote into Paint and used the horizontal image rotation to reverse the image.
Here is the image applied to the back of the chair using painter's tape.

I used a clear blender pen to transfer the image!

I just went over the words with the blender pen until I could see the words showing through the paper!

I carefully removed the paper and went over the words with my paint pens!

I distressed through the letters and then applied some antique glaze all over and..... Wala!

My milk paint, mellow, yellow farmhouse chair with inspirational quote!

What is your inspirational quote for the day? create a -new!

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  1. Sumaya, Your granddaughter is beautiful - just a little doll!!! Your chair is adorable too! I tried the blender pen method and it didn't work at all for me, so I can only figure that it must not have been the right kind of blender pen.

    1. Thanks Angie,

      She is the light of my life and she's adorable!

      This is what's on the lable of the pen:
      Its made in the USA. If I remember which online site I got it from, I will let you know.


  2. Don't you just love the Blender pen? I use them quite often, so fast and easy. I read your previous comment and I know you can purchase a case of Charpak Blender Pens at I buy mine at a local art supply store. Thanks so much for following me and I'm happy to be following you now too! Hope you have a fabulous new year!!! HUGS ~ Judy

  3. Hi Sumaya, love the chair! Great color and such a unique shape. Little missy is so cute! Looks like she's following in her grandma's footsteps. I have not tried the blender pen. Would like to some time. I've brought one of my pieces up to paint but didn't get started yet.

  4. Oh this is adorable! I love the color of this chair and that quote is fantastic -- as is your little helper.

    1. Thanks Lauren,

      I love the cheerful yellow! Its gonna go in my craft room once I've had a chance to do a make over on that space. Currently its a


  5. Beautiful tranformation! LOVE the color and the script!

  6. Sumaya, this is just gorgeous!!! What is a blender pen? I haven't heard of this before. I love the quote, and your grand daughter is adorable. Featuring your cute chair at my party later today. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. Did you get your blender pen in Cape Town? Regards, Colleen

  8. Thanks for sharing this. Did you get your blender pen in Cape Town? Regards, Colleen


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