Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Its a beautiful morning here in Walmer Estate, Cape Town. The howling wind of the past couple of days has died down, just a soft breeze is blowing. The sky is clear and the normal hustle and bustle of a Saturday morning is in full swing. Even the birds are singing a happy song!
I feel in good spirits today and decided a leisurely stroll to the post office to collect some parcels would be a great way to start my day. I grabbed my camera and thought I would take some pictures while I'm out and about.
So here we go, I am sharing some sights and scenes from my neck of the woods!
Walmer Estate is nestled between the magnificent Table Mountain and Table Bay!

Table Mountain 

Table Bay

Typical architecture from around here. These folks are not shy to paint the exterior of their houses with a bright pop of colour!

Typical architecture

Which was once a tailor's outlet is now converted into living space. This building dates back to 1903 and this old lady shows her age!

Park Terrace 1903

The corner view of Park Terrace. This used to be the entrance to the tailor's shop.


Some beautiful decay against the backdrop of Table Mountain!

Many of the houses around here shows the ravages of time, but they sit quite happily amongst their 'cousins' who has been restored to their former glory. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the place I call home! create a -new!


  1. What a beautiful place you live, Sumaya! I love getting to see your homeplace and where some of my things have found a good home!

  2. Maybe someday you can visit our beautiful city:)


  3. You make me want to hop on a plane right now to see your country and city. It's breath taking and exquisite. I am part gypsy in soul and love to travel, see different places, meet new people. Can't afford it but love to do it.
    My husband used to be a truck driver so I'd go with him every chance I got to travel the US and some of Canada. How I'd love to see your country.
    We have a mountain very similar to yours on the north side of Grand Junction, CO called Mt. Garfield, the mountains around it look similar to yours. So beautiful.
    Your pictures tell their own story. It looks quite lovely there, is it warm? It's very cold here with lots of snow. So glad I found your blog and subscribed to it. The internet is so wonderful enabling people thousands of miles away to find out about each other. Til next time.

  4. If you should want to send me a message please send it to FurryKidzPaperworx@Gmail. com thx JaneEllen

  5. how lovely to catch a glimpse of your part of the interesting, and a gorgeous blog too!
    happy I found you.
    Bec x

  6. so stunning!
    Why don't we follow each other? ;)

    XOXO, Monika

  7. Indeed I enjoyed the tour. Stunning scenes, views, and architeture! How nice would it be to walk to the post office. Way too cold here. I would be a popscicle by the time I got there. lol!

  8. What gorgeous scenery! So fun to see your neck of the woods! :)

  9. Hi, following your from the climb. I really enjoyed the beautiful photographs of your home town. Thaks for sharing and joining the Climb this week. Hope to learn more about you as I follow your blog.



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