Saturday, February 2, 2013

A tourist in my own backyard

I had an appointment in the city centre and I decided to grab my camera to take some shots of our beautiful city! 

In the heart of Cape Town, you can find the family run cafe, Bread Milk and Honey. A place where businessmen in immaculate suits sip cappuccinos, while artists and fashion fanatics exchange the latest gossip and eat generous slices of creamy chocolate cake smothered in icing. It is immediately clear – this is a popular place for all kinds of people. Stunning architecture!!!

Next I wandered up towards the botanical gardens! This lovely old window with its green shutters is part of the old Slave Lodge situated on the corner of Adderley Street.

This is the magnificent entrance and a stunning lead glass window of the St George's Cathedral known as 'the people's Cathedral' for its role in the resistance against apartheid, St. George's Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Southern Africa and the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town. This is a historical and beautiful building!
You cannot visit Cape Town and not visit one of its oldest markets, set on a cobbled square between Short and Long Market Streets. This is where Capetonians have been buying their clothing, jewellery, sandals, crafts and nick-nacks for years, and, whilst the face of the market may have changed a little - African curios now predominate - there is still an exciting buzz as well as evidence of the city’s most colourful and eccentric characters. 


Boho chic - one of the many clothing booths!
A beautiful painting depicting scenes of every day life in Langa meaning 'Sun'
Greenmarket Square is a hot spot for curio shopping. You can pick up little pieces of Africa for a price that wont hurt your pocket, but don't forget that bartering is the name of the game. Handpainted ostrich eggs, handcarved and authentically painted animals, screen printed ethnic cloth and african drums are among the favourites!

 I hope you enjoyed this whirlwind visit to my corner of Africa!!!



  1. Love the wood door with iron work. Beautiful. Blessings,

    1. Yes Lisa - I agree

      That door is magnificent!

      Thanks for visiting. Much appreciated!:)


  2. oh olive your photos!! I would love to visit and experience your beautiful city! someday....
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and following me. I am following you now and I enjoyed reading a couple of your posts! Very entertaining and thought provoking. My Mom also raised 8 kids (it has not been all that easy) and I admire her for raising us to be the adults we are today. So I have nothing but admiration for you too!

      Glad we found each other!


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